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Draining Down


If a vehicle is to be left un-used for a period of time and especially in preparation for winter, it is advisable to "Drain Down" the water system.

This involves the draining of water from the Fresh Water Tank, the Waste Water Tank and the Water Heater, not forgetting the Toilet Reservoir.  All taps should be left open with the pump turned off.

This will prevent damage caused by the water freezing in the water system, during cold periods, cracking pipes, taps and tanks.


Habitation Service


Although not a legal requirement, a Habitation Service is recommended every 12 months.  This will ensure the correct operation of appliances, damp detection before it causes damage to the interior and maintain the safe running of your gas appliances.

On completion of the service, a Habitation Report is issued.  See Service Details.

Prevention is always better than cure.


Gas Testing


To ensure your safety, it is essential to test your gas systems at least every 12 months.

The gas supply is tested in 3 ways:

The Regulator is tested for correct pressure and let-by;

The pipe work and fittings are tested for leaks with air;

And finally the pipe work and fittings are tested for leaks with gas.

The pipe work and fittings are also checked for correct standards and signs of corrosion.

Vents and Drop Holes are checked for free flow of air and correct standards.

The appliances are also subjected to a Flue Analysis and finally a Room CO Test is carried out over a 30 minute period.

On completion of the tests, a gas certificate is issued.


Chassis Service


It is a legal requirement to ensure that the running gear of your Caravan, Horsetrailer or Trailer are in good condition and safe working order.

See Service Details.

On completion of the service a report is issued.


Pre Purchace Inspection


A basic Damp Test, Gas Leak Test and checking of appliances for correct operation.

This report is designed to give you an idea of the condition of the vehicle and whether the appliances need attention, as well as potential costs that may be involved.

We do not offer valuations on vehicles.

Consent from the current vehicle owner must be obtained.


Fridge / Space Heater Servicing


All gas appliances should idealy be serviced every 12 months, to ensure correct and safe operation.  This especially applies to Thetford Fridges, which are prone to the build up of carbon deposits in the flue, resulting in increased levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Usually entailing the removal of the appliance, the burner will be stripped and cleaned, a new burner or jet fitted if necessary, the flue cleaned of carbon deposits and the appliance checked for correct operation.

On re-fitting, the gas system will be checked for leaks and a Flue Analysis carried out.


Damp Inspection and Report


A full Damp Inspection involves the taking of damp readings covering the accessible areas of the walls and roof of your vehicle.  The average readings are then noted on a diagram.

These readings show if water is entering the vehicle and whether oversealing is required.

recommended every 12 months as part of your Habitation service.


Floor Delamination Repairs


The repair of damaged floors caused by Delamination, using a 2 part expanding repair adhesive.

The floor covering is removed in the affected area, 8mm holes are drilled through the first layer of plywood into the cavity and repair adhesive is injected.  Once the repair has cured, the excess is removed and the floor surface cleaned.

Most customers use these repairs as an opportunity to fit a new floor covering.  This can be arranged by us, using a local flooring specialist.




The External repair of joints in the bodywork walls and roof, as well as seals around doors, windows and vents.

Water ingress will be detected through a Damp Inspection and can be traced to within a few inches using a damp meter.  These seals or joints can fail due to ageing or missing mastic sealer, impact damage or incorrect construction.

A repair overseal mastic is used, once the area has been cleaned of dirt and old sealer.

Skylights however can only be temporarily repaired in this manner, as they should have been bedded into non-setting sealant.  In the event of a Skylight seal failing, the unit should be removed and re-fitted using fresh sealant.

These repairs are carried out on an hourly basis.

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