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Technical Jargon

Carbon Monoxide  -  colourless, tasteless, odourless gas, given off during incomplete combustion in a gas appliance.  Can cause headaches, nausea, brain damage and death.


Chassis Service / Report  -  the testing and adjustmernt of running gear, wheels, brakes and towing hitch of Caravans, Horsetrailers and Trailers.


Damp Inspection  -  testing of the vehicle for water ingress.


Draining Down  -  the draining of water from the storage tanks and water heater to prevent damage from frost.


Floor Delamination  -  damage to floors caused by damp or poor construction.


Flue Analysis  -  the testing of emissions from gas appliances through the flue.


Frost Damage  -  caused by water in the pipes and fittings expanding during cold periods, when icing up.


Gas Testing  -  the testing of gas appliances, pipe work and fittings for leaks and correct operation.


Habitation Service  -  the testing of the living side of a Motorhome, Caravan or Horsebox, 12v and 240v electrics, gas and water systems, right down to catches and hinges.


Let-by  -  gas passing through a faulty regulator, resulting in a higher working pressure than recommended.


MCEA  -  the Mobile Caravan Engineers Association,


Oversealing  -  the repair of failed joints and seals, causing water ingress.


Pre Purchase Inspection  -  a basic examination of a vehicle prior to purchase, to give the customer peace of mind and confidence in thier future investment.


Winterising  -  see Draining Down.


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